turned on black and grey laptop computer
turned on black and grey laptop computer

We help organizations harness the power of data

We support social and environmental organizations in Colombia to understand, collect, manage, analyze, report, visualize, and share their data using Kobotoolbox and ODK. We are experts in project and program monitoring and evaluation.

our background

Our team has more than 10 years of providing technical expertise to impact-driven organizations. We support our partners in managing, monitoring, and evaluating project and program performance and impact by taking control of their data.

our Services

What can we do for you?

Data Collection

What tools do you need to collect data? We use free tools such as Kobotoolbox and ODK to build data collection and entering tools. We also train your staff on deploying and using them in the field.

Data Visualization

A picture is worth a thousand words. Let us create beautiful dashboards in Tableau using your data. You will find it easier to get insights from your field-collected information.

Data Analytics

Don't know how to start handling your data? Our team can support you in cleaning, organizing, performing statistical analysis, and sharing your data using applications such as Excel, Salesforce, or R Studio.

Spotlight Your Impact

We work with you to write reports, and design slides or other visualization tools for you to share your impact and fulfill your stakeholders' monitoring and evaluation expectations. We use Microsoft Office and Google Suite to collaborate.

We are happy to share our business model for Impact-Driven organizations.

Our socio-environmental focus and experience, allow us to provide full support for the implementation of data collection processes on the field, using free-to-use solutions such as KoboCollect and ODKCollect.